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We know about Plant-Based diet. Now what?

Perhaps you’ve seen a documentary or heard a friend talk about plant-based diets and many health benefits that your body can receive. You’d like to give it a try but don’t know where to start.

Perhaps you are not ready to commit to change your diet, but you’d like to add more plant-based meals to your menu and make some changes to improve your health.  This is a presentation or webinar for you!

Plant-Based diet benefits.

This talk is as ideal for healthy young age group as well as possibly older group age with heart conditions or other chronic diseases. A plant based diet will shape and change your life. How we eat does not effect us only at personal level but by us eating and being healthy effects the world around us as well. This talk will inspire to take charge and make some changes to improve your healthy that will effect all of us.

Better Habits For Health & Life

Our life and health revolves around our daily habits. Imagine if the good things you find hard do became easy. Building the right habits isn’t necessary easy or quick but it is possible when we get our habits right.

In this workshop we will use step by step approach on how we can build new habits that serve us to improve our health and life.

Our habits create our future, so let’s learn how to master your habits wisely to make sure they’re working for your health and life purposefully.


Besa moved to the USA 17 years ago and has been working in the medical field as a Sonographer in hospital and clinical settings in NYC for 15 years. During this time, she has seen the devastating health conditions that we have in our country.

She is a passionate Health and Life Coach, and a licensed Food For Life Instructor by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

She is the founder of “Be So Alive,” where she helps clients to enhance their health, and she speaks on the power of plant-based diet and lifestyle as a way to reduce the risk of disease and improve overall health.

What Others Are Saying

“Besa Martini, a Food for Life Coach that is passionate, dedicated, committed to the mission of one collective health empowerment!”

Enrica Sacca
Plant Powered Metro New York, Queens Organizer

“Besa delivered an awesome presentation and positive energy. We are motivated to change our diet and strive for a healthier lifestyle.”

“I highly recommend Besa as a public speaker. I was impressed with the way she was able to keep the audience’s attention while educating them on the benefits of whole food plant-based eating.”

Mitchell Castell

My job is to spark and inspire you to learn the importance of taking your health to the next level.